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"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10)
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Medical Mavericks

Dissecting Flowering Plants

We have been learning about reproduction in plants.  We dissected flowers and created botanical illustrations identifying each of the parts.


In science, we've been learning about forces.  In this investigation, we used forcemeters to measure the amount of force required to drag a shoe across different surfaces.  We learned that the rougher the surface, the more friction there would be.

Irreversible Changes

In science, we have been investigating reversible and irreversible changes.  We mixed vinegar with bicarbonate of soda and the chemical reaction produced carbon dioxide.  This gas formed bubbles in the bottle and spread out to inflate the balloon.  

Separating Materials

We used a range of techniques to separate materials.  These techniques included use of magnets, sieves and filtration.  

Properties of Materials

We have been exploring the properties of materials.  This week, we tested various materials to decide which would be most suitable for a food preparation surface.  We tested the materials for hardness, flexibility and permeability.  Most of us concluded that wood would be the most suitable material for this purpose.