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Well done to our amazing choir who sang their hearts out at the O2 this week....
"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10)
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Wonderful Ware


We spent some time exploring maps of Ware considering the human and physical features in the area. We had fun finding our school, our road and other familiar places. We then extended our learning by locating surrounding towns.

After returning from our walk through the local area, we began to discuss the human and physical features of Ware. The data collected on our walk helped us to notice that a lot of the shops in Ware town offer very similar trades and more specifically, the high street is full of many restaurants and hairdressers! This got us thinking what we would like to see/bring to our local area... 

We had to consider our ideas carefully and make sure they would fit in with the town as it currently is. Read some of our ideas below!


Elsa "I would bring a bowling alley to Ware so there's more for families to do" 

Ralphie "A little cinema would be good as the town doesn't have anything like that"

Romi "I'd like a zoo but Ware town is too small for that. Instead we could bring a small pets corner to Ware" 

Marcus "There isn't enough space for a theme park and it would be too noisy for the residents. Instead we could have a small adventure park"

Daisy "We could make use of our river and have a place to hire boats and bikes"