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This week is Sports week: Please ensure that children have PE kits and trainers in school everyday. Hopefully the sun will come out for some of the time, so please remember to put sun cream on every morning and bring a hat & water bottle to school as well.
"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10)
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Art, Design & Technology

Art and Design and Technology Aims:


At St Catherine’s we believe that Art and Design and Technology (DT) play an important part in enriching the lives of our children so that they may live their lives in its fullness. Through our teaching of Art and DT topics we open our children's eyes to the beauty of the world, inspire awe and wonder and develop an appreciation of diversity. Children are encouraged to express themselves creatively and spiritually by reflecting and responding through different media.


Key Objectives in Art:

  • Children will have the opportunity to investigate and research a diverse range of artists.
  • Children will develop their own skills by learning different techniques and evaluating their finished work.
  • Children will develop technical vocabulary and use a range of media.


Key Objectives in Design and Technology:

  • Children will develop their technical knowledge, vocabulary and skills so they can design and make products with a purpose.
  • Children will learn how to evaluate their finished products, identifying ways to improve them.


At St Catherine’s:

  • Teachers plan their Art lessons using curriculum overviews specifically designed for each year group. This ensures that learning is progressive and meets the requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • Art is taught with a cross curricula approach where possible to enrich topic based learning.
  • Children use a range of media across the Key Stages when creating their own pieces of art.
  • Children have opportunities to learn about artists from different backgrounds, race, gender and ability who create art in a range of styles and with different techniques.
  • Children have sketchbooks from Year 1 to Year 6 which provide evidence of individual progress across the year groups and the opportunity to reflect on previous learning. Sketchbooks are used to explore ideas, develop artistic skills and techniques.  
  • In DT we use the Kapow scheme of work to ensure that children learn relevant technical knowledge and develop transferable skills. Children have the opportunity to design and make purposeful products and evaluate their work.
  • Children will learn about textiles, structures, mechanisms / mechanical systems, cooking and nutrition (and electrical systems and the digital world in Key Stage 2). 
  • Children have the opportunity to learn how to use tools safely.
  • In EYFS children are introduced to woodwork tools with designated areas, as well as creating 3D models, exploring collage and painting techniques.
  • In EYFS children use art as a medium to express feelings and emotions, movements and sound.


Equal opportunities:

Making art is a way to communicate and respond to experience. Activities in Art and DT are planned to allow pupils to respond according to their abilities, with appropriate differentiation by support, resources and outcome. Teachers will provide instruction and guidance on technical processes to take account of individual needs. In line with the school’s equal opportunities policy, all children have an entitlement to all aspects of the Art and DT curriculum.


Health and Safety:

All pupils will be taught to use materials, tools and techniques for practical work safely and in accordance with health and safety requirements. All adults working with pupils in Art and DT will be made aware of the health and issues. The school may decide that it will make its own specific ruling on the use of certain tools or processes.

The school will make a risk assessment of using saws and advise on the way they may be used to make products e.g. sculptures. This should be with adult supervision and in line with the Schools Health and Safety Policy.



At St Catherine’s, children are assessed in Art and DT against National Curriculum objectives for the relevant Key Stage. Assessments linked to age related expectations are recorded by class teachers using the school’s system Flic. This information can then be used to monitor pupil progress and achievement and identify gaps in learning. Development Matters is used as guidance to assess the attainment of children in EYFS in the areas of Expressive Arts and Design and Physical Development. 


Art, Design & Technology at St Catherine's