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Have a lovely half term everyone! We'll see you all on Monday 3rd June!
"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10)
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Collective Worship Themes

Monday: 9am: Whole School Collective Worship in the Hall: Led by Mrs Leslie or Mrs Fitts

Tuesday: 9am: Collective Worship in Year Groups

Wednesday: 9am: Collective Worship in Key Stages in the Hall (alternative weeks): Led by Mrs Leslie or Mrs Fitts

Thursday: 9am: Singing Collective Worship in Key Stages in the Hall (alternative weeks): Led by Miss Baker or Mrs Levy-Degueldre

Friday: 9am: Whole School Celebration in the Hall: Families welcome: Led by Mrs Leslie or Mrs Fitts

Virtual Collective Worship - 13/07/2020  



Ysmena is back with her final (very appropriately themed!) collective worship. This week the theme is 'Rest'. It comes at a time when I'm sure many of us are looking forward to a break - time to relax, unwind and enjoy some time with family and friends.



Virtual Collective Worship - 1st July 2020 


Ysmena is back with the next instalment of our virtual collective worship. This week it is based upon St Peter, as on the 29th June, St Peter's Day was celebrated. 


In this film, she talks about the decorated Ware rocks. Have any of you spotted any of them whilst out? Have you made any yourselves? Let us know if you have!

Whilst you watch the story, consider the pieces that make up your puzzle. What makes you, you?

Virtual Collective Worship - 22nd June 2020


Great news, St Mary's Church is now open for visitors again! Have a watch of Ysmena's church tour to see what you could expect if you choose to visit. 


There's also a lovely interactive prayer that you could take part in.

Virtual Collective Worship - 12th June 2020 


Have a watch of Ysmena's virtual worship, based upon the Trinity.  


Could you create your own interpretation of the Trinity, just like Alice? You may like to use the idea of the shamrock or you may have you own ideas. We'd love to see any art work that you create so please send it our way!