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Religious Education

Pesach Meal

In RE, we celebrated our own Pesach (passover) meal having learned about the plight of the Jews and their escape from Egypt. We carried out the ceremony using the Haggadah and we set up our own seder plate, in which each food had its own symbolism and importance.


We have been studying the Jewish festival of Sukkot which celebrates the harvest and gives thanks for the protection that God provided when the people of Israel were freed from Egypt. The people of Israel stayed in small shelters that they built whilst travelling across the desert which is why Jewish people now build shelters, called Sukkahs, to remember this and give thanks. For a week, they will sleep, eat, celebrate and spend time in their Sukkahs. The shelters must have a roof made from natural materials, through which the sky must be seen. 


Have a look at the incredible Sukkahs that we've spent time building. What features can you spot within the Sukkahs?