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Year 6

Year 6 rap:


Alex H:

This boy right here really knows his places,

Countries, counties, familiar faces,

Who needs an atlas we’ve got Alex h,

 Alex h yeah we’ve got Alex h.

Alex M:

Alex m munt is a wonderful brother,

He reads all the books just like no other,

He copies them all from side to side,

And in the middle homework collides.

Alex O:

He’s a great great friend to Damian jeevs,

He saves all the goals, ohh jeez,

What will he give what will he take,

He really loves rib eye stake.


He’s the rounder king the ball goes ping,

He struts his stuff like king and queen bling,

Watch out because Aidans coming to town,

So bow down because Aidans got the crown.


Alex W:

If u need a ball saved then Alex is your man,

He flies to the side like peter pan,

Everyone said that he’s a good friend,

He will be with us till the end.


Alfie has a very strong kick,

Down the line he is very quick,

Looking so smart with his hair so black,

Don’t get worried because he’s got your back.

The sumdog boys:

The sumdog boys who play all the time,

They never ever ever have a bed TIME,

They play all night, they play all day,

So just make sure you don’t in their way.

Reading boys:

These pages go from left to right,

They read their books all day and night,

They read all of them but don’t be afraid,

They’ve gone on and on for a decade.



When it comes to footie he’s really quiet great,

Do not push past him because you have got to wait,

You better stay safe coz he is the king,

He will survive - a bee sting.

The boys + Isla:

They walk around the school just acting crazy,

Funny is one thing but they aren’t lazy,

(fast) rocky, Oscar, isla, Nathan n as well,

Be careful coz they’ll put you under their spell.


Watch out for Jermaine coz he’s got the magic,

we don’t want anything ending up tragic!

 We got the brains we got the gold,

 Please be quiet you’ve just been told.

Reid and Jack

Reid and Jack are the sporty duet,

They’ll keep you safe so do not threat,

They’re both as fast as a sporty sport car

There are the bright yellow golden stars.




He comes into school with a smile on his face,

When he draws and doodles the outcome’s out of space,

Another little mention: he loves to draw,

And when he does it he does it hard-core.


This tall girl is great at horse riding,

Will she enjoy chauncy? she’s still deciding,

Charlotte has many strengths and feelings herself,

When watching TV, she is really chilled.


He loves rubix cubes not rubix squares,

He’ll solve them quick beyond compare,

Apart from all that he’s really smart,

He loves to draw and his favourite lesson is art.


Giacomo he’s our Italian friend,

He’s really quite funny, so we’ll love him till the end,

his nice foreign language keeps us bright,

don’t be scared coz he won’t bite.



Nathan M:

Nathan martin is really smart,

He is on the number one chart,

Om6 Nathan m is really cool,

Nathan m is here to rule!!


Tianna sky Sharman really loves a hug,

She drinks tea out of a coffee mug,

She’s really kind to you, she gives you love,

if she could fly, she’d would fly like a dove.


Here is Libby – she is really nice,

All of her watches are made out of ice – out! ,

All her jokes are really funny,

And when she steps into the class the world turns sunny.










The teachers/ ta’s:

These teachers and ta’s are 1 in a million,

Miss parr, miss levy, Mrs fowler and miss keefe,

Their rating out of 10 is over a billion,

But please lovely teachers can we have roast beef.




We are the people who made this song,

We went through pain but we were strong,

Put your hands together and scream and shout,

That all we have time for so amigos ….. OUT!!




By Freya, Maia r, Poppy, Megan, Reid, Madison, Niamh

Hope you enjoyed our song/ rap.

Amigos OUT!!!!

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