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READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Hopes and aspirations for the future... in the 'Gallery' section. We are planning to take part in the Stevenage Race for Life this year. We would love parents and staff to join together for this event to show a real whole school community effort for this amazing cause. Please sign up directly through the Race for Life website, during the sign up process you can opt to join a group - search for 'St Catherine's group' and join with us. Together we can make a difference! ............ THANK YOU to all our parents and visitors who took the time last week to share their expertise in our Life Skills Week!
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Year 3

Mother's Day cards


We made Mother's Day cards, using our knowledge of fractions! We coloured in tenths to design our vase and then we made origami flowers. We made the flowers by folding a piece of paper into quarters. We wrote some beautiful poems to put inside the cards. We used figurative language such as simile, metaphor and alliteration to show our mothers how much they mean to us.

First Aid Training!



In Year 3 we have been studying statistics. We made a life-size pictogram to show all the different languages Year 3 can say hello in! 

Picture 1
Picture 2

3B have been working really hard on their times tables!


In 3B we have been playing times tables games and finding little tricks for learning them.


These are some things we've learned, quoted by pupils in our class:


2 x 2 = " I double it!" 

11 x 2 = "Same digit in tens and ones"

2 x 5 = "count up in 5"

5 x 2 = "Same as 2 x 5"

2 x 11 = "11 +11 is 22"


What tricks do you know?



In Year 3 we have been learning about shape. We used our angle finders to explore our outdoor environment. We found out that there are lots of right angles in our environment if you look carefully for them!
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This Term we are learning about crime and punishment. The children have discussed what the words crime and punishment mean and we have spoke about justice and fairness in relation to this. We have spoke about different types of crimes and discussed which are the most serious and which are the least serious.


In English lessons we are looking at the crime of the big bad wolf and we are hearing his version of the story for the very first time! Watch the video to see what his version of his events are! Who do you believe? Do you believe the wolf or the three little pigs?

The TRUE story of the 3 little pigs by A.Wolf as told to Jon Scieszka. Grandma Annii's Story Time

The wolf is trying to set the story straight of how he came to be 'big and bad'. It's the story of the 3 little pigs from the perspective of Alexander T. Wolf. He plans a cake for his grandmother's birthday. He checks in his cabinet for sugar, but finds nothing.

During International week Class 3O learned all about Ireland.

We learned some Irish dancing and danced to Irish reel music. We learned all about St. Patrick and St Bridgid and we made our very own St Bridgid crosses. We studied celtic art and had a go at drawing some celtic knot patterns. We also had a chance to interview Mrs O' Connell's dad. He told us all about his childhood in 60's Ireland and about all the jobs he did as a child!

International Week 3O

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