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There have been some updates to our website layout - please hold CTRL and F5 to refresh your browser......... Massive CONGRATULATIONS to all children involved in the football/netball GRAND SLAM - Year 5/6 girls football tournament runners up! Yay!! Year 3/4 netball tournament winners, Y3/4 football tournament winners, Year 5/6 netball 'plate' winners, Y5/6 football HOPE CUP winners! .......Have you watched our 'Hopes and aspirations for the future' in the 'Gallery' section? ........Thanks to all those who have signed up for the Stevenage Race for Life this year. See you all there on Sunday 8th July - big HIGH FIVE for all those joining together to show a whole school community effort for this amazing cause. Please sign up directly through the Race for Life website.
Welcome to St Catherine's C of E Primary School
Home Page

Support Staff

KS1 & KS2 Teaching Assistants

Lead HLTA/Nurture/

Pastoral Support Worker

Miss Michala Baker
Year 1
Mrs Karen Robertson
Year 1 Miss Jo Berry
Year 2
Mrs Kim Byrne
Year 2
Mrs Susan Spedding
Year 3
Mrs Jo Fitzgerald
Year 3
Mrs Catherine Milne
Year 4
Mrs Nathalie Gould
Year 4 Miss Amber Jennings
Year 5
Miss Elaine Keefe
Year 5 Mrs Rhona Middleton
Year 6 Mrs Karen Schunmann
Year 6 Mrs Alison Fowler


Foundation Stage Support

                                                                     Mrs Janet Cozens
Nursery                                                                      Mrs Lisa Godley
                                                                     Miss Ellen Smith
                                                                     Mrs Laura Thompson



School Secretary/Head Teacher PA                                            Mrs Julie Harvey
Admin Assistant                                                                           Mrs Paula Bottoms
Admin Assistant                                                                           Miss Kerry Hammond
Site Manager                                                                                Mr Gary Shepherd
Assistant to Site Manager                                                            Mr David Roper


Mid–day Supervisory Assistants

Ms Louise Gaze (Lead MSA), Mrs Rhona Middleton, Mrs Nathalie Gould, Ms Karen Schunmann, Miss Elaine Keefe,

Mrs Susan Spedding, Mrs Linda Lippiatt, Mrs Theresa Brace, Mrs Karen Robertson,

Miss Kerry Hammond, Mrs Victoria Romero Aguilar, Mrs Alison Fowler, Miss Diane Barnett, Mr David Roper,

Mrs Lisa Godley, Miss Katie Allam, Mrs Emma Ripp, Miss Elisa Boni, Mrs Jill Hitching, Mrs Beverley Lacey

Breakfast and after school club

Breakfast and after school club leader                                         Miss Michala Baker
Breakfast club assistants                                                              Mrs Janet Cozens
                                                                                                      Miss Ellen Smith
                                                                                                      Miss Diane Barnett


After school club assistants                                                          Miss Diane Barnett

                                                                                                      Miss Clare Fleming

                                                                                                      Mrs Victoria Romero Aguilar
                                                                                                      Miss Charlie Smith