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There have been some updates to our website layout - please hold CTRL and F5 to refresh your browser......... Massive CONGRATULATIONS to all children involved in the football/netball GRAND SLAM - Year 5/6 girls football tournament runners up! Yay!! Year 3/4 netball tournament winners, Y3/4 football tournament winners, Year 5/6 netball 'plate' winners, Y5/6 football HOPE CUP winners! .......Have you watched our 'Hopes and aspirations for the future' in the 'Gallery' section? ........Thanks to all those who have signed up for the Stevenage Race for Life this year. See you all there on Sunday 8th July - big HIGH FIVE for all those joining together to show a whole school community effort for this amazing cause. Please sign up directly through the Race for Life website.
Welcome to St Catherine's C of E Primary School
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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Class 2S is taught by Mrs Sweet with Mrs Spedding. Class 2P is taught by Miss Pascale with Miss Byrne. 


Class 2P are excited to welcome their new TA, Miss Byrne, to the school. This half term, English lessons will focus on sentence level work such as using a range of punctuation, conjunctions and different sentence starters. Our topic is Dinosaurs so we are working on making non-fiction booklets about dinosaurs. We are learning about the paelontologist Mary Anning, who discovered many dinosaur fossils. In Science, our topic is plants and we are learning about how seeds grow. We have planted sunflower and tomato seeds and are observing how they grow each week. In Art and DT lessons, we are developing folding and cutting skills by making 3D paper dinosaurs. We have also continued to develop our sketching skills by drawing dinosaurs. We will soon make dinosaur sock puppets. In PSHE lessons, we are looking at Relationships, while our RE topic this half term is Ultimate Questions.


We have been researching and investigating the different parts of a plant, alongside growing our own sunflower and tomato seeds. 

Mari from Buzzworks in Hitchin came to talk to us about Honeybees and how they collect pollen and nectar. Some of us even got to try on the beekeeper outfit!

The children in Year 2 carried out an investigation to build their own habitats. They decided what might live in their habitat and how it should be built. They checked on their habitat after a week to see if anything had moved in!
In Year 2, we have been focusing on being healthy in PSHE. Recently we made our own fruit salad and tried lots of new fruits and vegetables.