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Week beginning 26th June is Sports Week - please ensure that children have their PE kit and trainers in school everyday. They should have suncream applied before school and bring a sun hat/water bottle.
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The level of expectation on children’s capabilities for using new technologies has significantly risen with the new National Curriculum, placing a strong emphasis on computer science and computing programming skills. The skills across new technologies and computing are essential to children’s learning and where necessary teachers at St Catherine's ensure they are integrated into all areas of the curriculum. New technologies require children to be able to interact competently with computers, laptops, tablets and a continually growing number of other devices, exploring a variety of programmes and software to fully support and extend their learning.


St Catherine’s school recognise the essential and important contribution that technology plays in promoting children’s learning and development and offers a fantastic range of positive activities and experiences. We strongly believe that everyone should know how to stay safe online and when using new technologies Staff and governors at St Catherine’s are committed to raising awareness and playing their part in ensuring the children understand how to avoid putting themselves at risk by staying safe online We collectively hold a responsibility to encourage digital literacy in all pupils and strive to build digitally literate children. As a school we recognise our role in safeguarding children when using technology and ensuring they are equipped with the skills to use technology safely.


e-Safety is embedded within our school curriculum and covered in our e-Safety & ICT Acceptable Use policy.

All children at St Catherine’s are expected to read, understand and agree to follow our Pupil e-Safety Acceptable Use agreement. Whilst the school monitors and manages technology use in school we believe that children themselves have an important role in developing responsible online behaviours.
We recognise our responsibility to educate all users on their awareness of the range of risk associated with e-Safety. This also means working in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that all parties are educated to ensure children’s safety.

At 6pm on Thursday 23rd May, we will be holding an e-Safety Presentation Evening. The presentation aims to inform and update us all on the subject and the social media children are currently being exposed to. The evening will also aim to demonstrate ways you can ensure your child is staying safe online.  A letter has been sent home and all parents are invited to attend. If you did not receive a copy please click on the link below:

Below are some websites which you can visit at home to support both you and your child in keeping safe online.