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Foundation Stage



Here are some pictures of the three chicks who entertained and delighted us.  Some of the eggs did not hatch and two had splayed legs, which meant they had to be taken away and given special care.  However the three that were left were lovely.  They have now been returned to open woodland where a special breeding programme is run.


We had a fantastic visit from Michala, who brought in some of her pets which she keeps at home. She told us all about the animals and what she needs to do to look after them.  Some of the pets were familiar to us all and some, such as the bearded dragon and hissing cockroach, were much more unusual.  The children listened really well and behaved brilliantly.  Nearly everyone was brave enough to touch all the pets.  We were very impressed with the rats, which she had trained to run down her arm and jump into their box.

Meet the animals....


Communication is the most important area of learning as it underpins all aspects of academic and social and emotional development.  We work hard to promote the children’s listening, speaking and understanding skills through focus lessons, interventions and a range of independent activities and games.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We encourage the children to work on managing their feelings, developing their self confidence and giving them the skills to support their friendships.  This is done through focus sessions, small group work and by providing plenty of support throughout the day to help children as they interact with each other.

Communication and Personal, Social & Emotional development


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Learning in Maths!

During this half term the children have covered various topics in Maths including, pattern, time and doubling. They have enjoyed learning about each of them and have been very creative during their Child Initiated Learning. There has been lots of independent pattern making, some of which are rather complex, as well as independent clock making using paper plates! It has been lovely to see what the children have learnt and and how they are applying this knowledge in their play. 


Literacy in Reception 

This term, the children in Reception have begun to really focus on reading and writing.  Through phonics, focus lessons and reading at home, the children are becoming more confident about their literacy skills and have been developing an interest in reading and writing independently.  Writing is a complex process and requires the children to have a number of skills, and all the children are working at their own pace.  Here are some pictures of the lovely independent writing and mark makng they have been doing.

Our wonderful writers!

Our wonderful writers! 1
Our wonderful writers! 2
Our wonderful writers! 3
Our wonderful writers! 4
Our wonderful writers! 5
Our wonderful writers! 6
Our wonderful writers! 7
Our wonderful writers! 8
Our wonderful writers! 9
Our wonderful writers! 10
Our wonderful writers! 11