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"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10)
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Each week we will upload a day by day break down of activities you can complete with your child along with any necessary resources for you to download. Children can complete the activities in their 'Working from Home' book. Resources do not need to be printed unless you wish. The different levels of difficulty are to support all learners so choose the level appropriate to your child's understanding. They do not always have to complete the same colour challenge every day.


Mental Fluency

Before completing their daily maths activity, it would be benefical for your child to complete a 5-a-day to support their mental fluency. The 5-a-day activities are designed to be 5/10 minute starters that revisit and revise previous strategies/concepts in a range of different contexts. We recommend Silver Level for Year 4. Click the link below to download daily starters.

Week 2 WB 30.3

We will be continuing to revisit and revise formal written methods for addition before applying in different problem solving contexts.

Week 1 WB 23.3

We will be revisiting and revising formal written methods for addition and subtraction before applying in different problem solving contexts.