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READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Hopes and aspirations for the future... in the 'Gallery' section. We are planning to take part in the Stevenage Race for Life this year. We would love parents and staff to join together for this event to show a real whole school community effort for this amazing cause. Please sign up directly through the Race for Life website, during the sign up process you can opt to join a group - search for 'St Catherine's group' and join with us. Together we can make a difference! ............ THANK YOU to all our parents and visitors who took the time last week to share their expertise in our Life Skills Week!
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2017 PGL

Day 4 PGL - Another full morning of activities. All children happy and well and enjoying the sunshine. Disco to look forward to this evening.

Day 3 PGL

Day 3 PGL 1
Day 3 PGL 2
Day 3 PGL 3
Day 3 PGL 4
Day 3 PGL 5
Day 3 PGL 6
Day 3 PGL 7
Day 3 PGL 8
Day 3 PGL 9
Day 3 PGL 10
Day 3 PGL 11
Day 3 PGL 12
Day 3 PGL 13
Day 3 PGL 14
Day 3 PGL 15
Day 3 PGL 16
Day 3 PGL 17
Day 3 PGL 18
Day 3 PGL 19

Day 3 - PGL

Another good night's sleep, children up and ready for their 7.30 am breakfast slot.  Activities today will include:  Trapeze, low ropes, raft building and a camp fire.  Much to look forward to.

Day 2 - PGL

A busy day full of activities and a visit to spend our money in the shop.  Everyone is now well fed and off for our evening entertainment, which tonight is Robot Wars.

Robot Wars - Evening Entertainment Day 2

Having had a good night's sleep and early breakfast we are ready to head off for our first full day of fun at PGL.  Activities today include:  rifle shooting, giant swing, quad biking and zip

PGL Day 1

Having had a pleasant journey and a lovely lunch stop at Black Park, we arrived safely at PGL.  Children have settled in to their rooms, had a hearty dinner and enjoyed their evening sporting entertainment.  All tucked up in bed now and looking forward to a fun-packed day tomorrow.

Photos to follow due to technical difficulties.smiley

01 Celebrity Status - with vocals.mp3

02 Crumbs From The Table - with vocals.mp3

03 Let's Have A Party - with vocals.mp3

04 A Million Miles Apart - with vocals.mp3

05 Sleep - with vocals.mp3

06 Rise And Shine - with all vocals.mp3

09 Look Inside - with vocals.mp3

Enjoying our pre-SATs party

Year 6 SATs

Celtic Harmony

Last term Years 5 & 6 became Celtic Folk, when we spent a thoroughly splendid day at The Celtic Harmony Camp.  The children took part in activities such as:  den building; arrow head carving; hunting and gathering and trading.


6Pe worked in groups to create and present news reports. We have some budding journalists in our midst!

Team resilience challenge

6Pe were set the task of building structures using only dry spaghetti and marshmallows! The children had to work together in their teams to come up with a design and then build their structures. It was quite tricky but we had some successes.

Reflective learners

In class 6Pe, we have been learning how to be more reflective in our work. We have learned how to evaluate and edit our own writing and we are getting even better at understanding where we are on our learning journey.

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